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Surveys for the energy efficiency of buildings

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In relation to the accession of Bulgaria to the EU new normative deeds were drafted and approved this year in compliance with the European Legislation. Such deeds are, for example, the Energy Strategy of Bulgaria, the Energy Act, the Energy Efficiency Act, etc. Companies are already obliged to observe a number of European standards (EEC) and Directives (EN).
A lot of emphasis has been placed on the new Energy Strategy as well as on the new Energy Act for the construction of Renewable Energy Sources. In this relation Energetika-LD has put a lot of effort in researching the possibilities for the construction of new hydroelectric power plants. It attracts consulting agents who are experts in Bulgaria in the Hydro Energy field as well as experts in legal relations in connection with the procedures for constructing hydroelectric power plants. With its employees as well as with the consulting agents it has attracted the company is an expert in consulting, designing and constructing hydroelectric power plants and is also interested in the completion of such projects jointly with foreign investors.
In compliance with the new energy normative legislation the company has been granted the license for Energy Efficiency Assessment.


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The experts of Energetika-LD completed the project precisely and with great attention to detail as well as in close cooperation with us
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